Hiatus is over!

Happy New Year everyone! Ok, it is no longer new! I mean January is already over and we are all back on our feet, at least most of us. It takes a while for the rest of us. I am glad that I am done dealing with the holiday blues that take ages for me to wish away! Thank goodness for my employer for letting me take leave in January!

It has been a while since I published here. I will not bother explaining why. The best explanation I could offer is that things happen to people! People cross your life path, work becomes demanding or boring, family expects you to be there for them, health and fitness takes a toll on your body….the list is endless. These are some of the things that could happen to anyone. Things happened to me in that long time I have been away from the blog-sphere (so they call it). I do not mean that the exact things I have mentioned happened to me! It was just an example. If such things do not happen to you, then you should be six feet under! Or your ashes should be washing away somewhere on a beach, or in a glass jar in someone’s house or museum!

The year has definitely begun with a bang! So has mine and this blog will be blazing! Ok, not really burning but you will be reading more. So get your game on and lets do this (I sound like a disillusioned cheerleader!). My first few posts will be reactionary to events happening of late. This blog was meant to tell my story and I will try as much as possible to tell it, blending that story with current and past events that are of concern to me and the rest of caring humanity!

Read on and feel free to comment or share ideas.

Happy New Year to the Chinese people! See, I am not alone on this vybe!

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