A trip down memory lane; part II (Story of Peter)

Peter and I met on our first day in high school. We were both innocent and came from different places, I coming from near the capital and him from Western Kenya. The choice of our first meeting venue was not of my own making but incidentally, it was in the boys changing rooms, as we got into our new uniforms. My high school, in Rift Valley, was like a military camp, albeit a friendly one, where they instill knowledge in the young people who checked in there. It probably does the same given the spectacular results it have been posting over the last couple of years. The school preferred to give students its own tailored uniforms as opposed to us buying off the streets so that we could all look uniform. Isn’t that the purpose of uniform? 🙂 Any form of clad bought out in the market was frowned upon because students would definitely have different shades of the colours. Anyway, that is how I met Peter.

Coincidence, or luck, if you would prefer, was that Peter and I were assigned to the same class. That got me excited because we had struck some rapport from the random bumping into each other during the registration process. Little did I know that our soon to be established friendship would last for the next four years, and with a huge impact on my life and sexuality. Let me tell you a little about Peter. Lanky and handsome beaming with confidence, a lot of charm and humility were some of the things that would strike you about him if you met him even for a less than a minute. I must admit I was not the most humble person but my friendship with Peter and the whole high school experience was an eye opener for me. I digress! Peter and I became very good friends, very tight and we were considered as brothers by fellow students because we spent a lot of time and did many things together.

My closeness with Peter was more than friendship, according to me. I was at first attracted to him but with time I started to see him as a friend. However, it is the things that we did that left me with a lot of questions unanswered, even now, 10 years after we graduated from high school. Do not get it twisted! We never had sex or made out but we did play a lot with each other and that left me confused. Our school was mixed and we, or rather Peter loved, flirting with the girls which made me jealous! I had girlfriends in school and that was totally okay, but what Peter and I did made me wonder what I was doing and whether I was really queer. Those days issues of homosexuality were never talked about especially in my school because it was a Christian school. All in all, those four years in high school were amazing.

After graduating from high school I lost contact with Peter and never heard from him nor met him for another few years. As life is, I never forgot about him but I moved on and ended up discovering myself and my sexuality. I met Peter again seven years later after high school at restaurant in the Coastal city of Malindi while I was on holiday there. He had been living there for a while. Since I was with family, we never had the chance to catch up then but we exchanged numbers and I met him a couple of nights later at a club in the city. How had he changed! He had become a man, like a real proper man and grown way taller than I. I was quick to notice though that he had stuck to the straight and narrow path and that whatever happened between us in high school and no place in his life now. He definitely was not gay! He even set me up with some girls but I did not tell him which team I played for. I never bothered to bring it up as I am a good reader of peoples’ minds and I would not even know where to start!

A section of the beach in Malindi. Picture courtesy of sleepout.com

That is the short story of Peter and I and of huge significance in my life. What bogs me though is how a man could get very close to intimacy with another man for four years and later act like nothing happened. I do not get it. I know people move on and forget things but it bothers me that we never talk about it. That is something you can never forget! I imagine I would have been hurt a major one later had what we had developed into something serious. I would not blame him as we were young then.

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