Wanderings of meeting people

Call me naive. I didn’t start exploring my sexuality until I was a bit older. By older I mean after I turned 18. You must be wondering where I was all my teenage life. Its interesting how young people these days have done it all by the time they are 16. You will note that from the previous post that I never got to do anything sexual in high school.

After graduating from high school, I had a year before joining university. For some strange reasons I didn’t start meeting people until I was about to start law school. First, I was busy occupied with helping run a family business and secondly I didn’t have any clue about how to meet people. You see, those days, people were not as open and free as they are today.

Meeting other queer people today is as easy as blinking. All you have to do is show up somewhere and there will be lots of them. Show up at Gypsy’s on a Friday or Saturday night and bam! The whole village is there! Get on Grindr and you will see which of your neighbours is queer. In my days, not so long ago, about 10 years ago, we didn’t have much choice. We were limited to migg33 (a very useful app by the standards of those days), gaydar, gaykenya.com (I doubt it still exists), hi5, myspace and a few other online dating sites. I hear the old fashioned type and a bit older used to hang out at the poolside at the Serena Hotel. Someone told me that way back if you wanted to meet a queer man, you would dress up in a shiny pink shirt and some linen pants and head down to the Serena poolside, sit there and wait to picked up. How that worked I’ll leave it to the gods.

Anyway, back to the story. The experiences I had with meeting people online are varied, from total weirdos to selfish nerds and the plain fuck and go or rather hit and run type. I remember meeting one guy who had probably subtracted 20 years on his profile from his real age because when I met him, he did not look anything near the age he had said to be. I was courteous enough to shake his hand and lie that something had come up. He never saw or heard from me again.

Rarely will you meet decent people online. I am not saying they don’t exist. They do, but they always come with a disclaimer. I am not saying I am the perfect one. I too have my own issues. So I met one of those decent ones when I was in my first year of law school. Funny guy, smart, ambitious and driven. What else would you want in a man? We became good friends with time. Then one day my wooden goggles fell off and I saw the selfish narcissist he was. He wouldn’t stop talking about himself! I couldn’t stand him anymore. I had to break it off with him. We however remained friends to date.

Then there was that hot guy, so mysterious that trying to figure him out was exhausting. I never understood, then, why someone would go online to meet people then pull some disappearing stunts yet he did not dislike you and once in a blue moon would want to see you so bad. I later got to know why and that’s a story for another day.

Those are just some of my experiences. There are lots of stories out there. From crazy psychopaths, blackmailers, obsessive jealous types….the list is endless. I would like to hear your experience. Feel free to drop a comment.

5 thoughts on “Wanderings of meeting people

  1. My experiences of meeting people online have been hit and miss. There are good ones out there, the problem is you can never tell online. You have to actually meet someone to get the measure of them. I wasted many a night meeting people who seemed perfect but in reality were far from it.

  2. Online meet-ups dont always work out. Especialy with the “hit and runs” but as much a 10 yrs down the line meeting good pple is easy good pple r still hard to find. I quit meeting pple, it gets to a point where you love what you have.

  3. It will never be perfect on the first time. You’ve got to have a go at many people before meeting the one or near perfect one. Perfect ones don’t exist 🙂

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