My Kenyan gay love story

Everyone has a love story. From our parents, to our friends, to the teenage boys and girls in school. I do have my love stories but that is a story for another day. This post has been inspired by the love stories that I am now witnessing thanks to greater freedom and acceptance in the world today. This post is about couples I like and whose love stories I admire.

I watch on YouTube all these gay couples and their amazing stories of their lives. Thanks to YouTube and the internet couples can now share aspects of their lives and yet draw such a huge following. I must admit I have subscribed to a couple of these channels on YouTube and I have learned a few things from them.

First is the very famous (I think) couple is Mark E. Miller and Ethan Hethcote. You can check out their YouTube channels. These are no special couple. Just your ordinary young couple with a lot of energy and lots adventure which I like. I admire and like how in sync with each other they are. They have an interesting, yet common, story of how they met or got to know each other. Facebook! Yes, Facebook! I know lots of people who have met on Facebook. I won’t even talk about myself. I am guilty as charged.

Mark and Ethan


Another couple that I like is Vinny and Luke. You can check out their channel V-Squared. Theirs is a love story out of wonderland. Vinny is American while Luke is British. They had a long distance relationship for seven years across the Atlantic that ended up with a wedding on 18 August 2013. Vinny moved across the pond to live with Luke in Nottingham. In one of their videos they talk about how they managed to maintain a long distance relationship and they offer very valuable lessons that apply to every gay couple whether in a long distance relationship or not. I won’t expound but in short they offer three tips to survive a long distance relationship (and any other relationship) which are communication, trust and compromise.

Vinny and Luke
Luke and Vinny

Then there is Kordale and Kaleb. This an amazing couple that is raising three daughters. They posted on their Instagram a picture of them preparing their girls for school in the morning and that picture went viral. The picture attracted a lot of comments both supportive and the usual hate. This prompted Kordale to write a book Picture Perfect about his life and his journey. Theirs is a simply inspiring love story.

Kordale and Kaleb

Closer home and most inspiring is Cameron and Thoba in South Africa. This couple caught the attention of the world last year when the held a traditional wedding ceremony, probably the first African gay wedding! Yes, you heard me right. They held a ceremony that followed both their respective Zulu and Tswana traditions including the slaughter of a bull. The most interesting thing that I love is they way their families were very supportive of them. This is rare in Africa, very rare…probably they only one!

Cameron and Thoba during their wedding
Thoba and Cameron

These are just some of the couples out there who have shared their love stories. There are many more. I too want such a love story. I might not be able to post the aspects of my life and my boyfriend online but I look forward to freely loving someone without hiding it. I look forward to the day I will go for ruracio (dowry negotiation & payment ceremony) at my boyfriend’s village or the day his family will bring three goats to ours. I look forward to the day his family will visit mine to cook for us as is the tradition where I come from. I look forward to the day I would able to marry my boyfriend whether in a civil or traditional ceremony (but that may not be a must or possible….I love my privacy). I look forward to the day we will prepare our kids and drop them in school without strange stares, or even attend a school play for our kids. The list is endless. Sadly some of these things may never happen, not in Kenya and not in the near future but I look forward to having my Kenyan gay love story, one day.

12 thoughts on “My Kenyan gay love story

  1. I have seen the first two guys and I live their YouTube videos. It’s really great to see such great live stories happening to every day people.

  2. Popping my comments cherry on your blog. Those are great stories, but yours will give us perspective. Please share

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  4. You should check out Stepsof2foreigners Adam (from the US) and Bernardo (from Brazil). They have enviable chemistry and are really into each other. They really enjoy their lives too; they travel and do lots of work together.

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