Love letter to the man of my dreams

To my beloved

1,2,3,4….30,32.33…56,57,58….223,224,225….363,364,365 days. So many days, yet so recent. Vivid in my memories, on this day, one year ago, I said ‘I love you’. One year later and looking back, from the first day I met you on our first date, I wonder why I waited for six months to tell you how I felt but I am glad I did.

When I fell in love with you, I did not because of who you are or where you come from or what you do. But I fell in love with the humble, funny, charming, understanding, forgiving and loving person you are. Your happiness and the warmth in your heart drew me to you, and so did your smile, so beautiful and infectious. You, are the man of my dreams.

Being with you for the last one year has been the most amazing time in my life. Talking to you every single day brings the memories of you in my arms, kissing your soft lips and feeling your warmth. You have stayed up late to talk to me, gone out of your way to check up on me and for that I am grateful and I could not ask for more. Every single day I yearn to be with you. To hold and to cherish you, for many more years to come.

I thought I knew what love is but you proved me wrong when you walked into my life. Love is more than the words expressing the feeling. Love is the sacrifices we make for each other; being there for each other; healing each other when hurting; forgiving each other; making each other laugh and smile; learning from each other and having faith and a belief in a future of bliss and happiness. All that you have shown me, and I am grateful.

I promised myself three things from the onset; to love you more than anything or anyone I have ever loved; to tell you I love you every single day and mean it and; to be the best boyfriend you will ever have and the one that makes you happy. These promises, I strive to keep and live by every single day of my life and promise to keep them, for as long as I am alive.

Never in my life have ever I wanted anyone than I want you now. I want you, to do right by you and to give you all my love; to make you the happiest man and to stand by you, for many more years to come. I want you. I miss you. I love you.

Happy anniversary my love.

Your love.

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