Adios 2014

In a matter of minutes or hours the year will be over. A new chapter begins when the clock strikes 12 midnight, a year begins. I write this as I lay in bed, clueless as to how I will have my crossover. Dinner with friends or family, or night out dancing….I don’t know. Anyway, if it’s God’s will, I am looking forward a polite cross over.

Looking back at the year that was, my emotions come flooding. Its been a good year, tough with the usual ups and downs but nonetheless an awesome year. All I can be is grateful is to God for being able to live through it with near perfect health.

As is always, lots happened during the year. I have learnt a lot and grown a lot in many aspects. In the last twelve months, I have grown a lot emotionally. My boyfriend has even acknowledged that I’ve made progress in that aspect of my life and I am happy we have grown together. Being in a relationship for over one year now has opened up my mind to a lot endless opportunities to learn about myself and my boyfriend. The process is still ongoing, never stops till death do us part.

Secondly, I have been able to trust people more in the last one year or so. As a person who doesn’t easily trust people, the last one year has taught me to be easy and let the people close to me; family, boyfriend and close friends take charge of affairs. I have also learnt to trust myself and my instincts even when they tell me otherwise, which has potentially exposed me to pain and heartbreak, but I’m happy that has not happened.

Thirdly, I have come to be less and less selfish. See…I’m human and we have our needs and wants. Being able to put aside some things and focus on others has been great. I have appreciated the fact I might not be my family’s or boyfriend’s or friends’ number one priority and that they have their own dreams, passions and goals to pursue thus making me seek less of their attention and also pursue my own goals. I have come to appreciate that there are competing interests when it comes to my relations with family, boyfriend or friends and that there will be that small brother, or business project or passion or dream or that best friend who will always come first. I am happy taking up my rightful position so long as I am getting some little attention or loving from these people. On my part, they come on my top list of priorities. I have given them my all to extent of forgetting to appreciate myself. That’s what I believe is being selfless.

This year, I won’t be making resolutions, as those I have been making a long the way. At the strike of midnight, I’ll be grateful to God, to my family, my boyfriend and my friends and toast to a better, successful and fun filled 2015. I am happy to have a boyfriend who has stood by me all this time. I love you my man.

Happy New Year y’all!

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