Forgive and Forget

Forgive and forget. So they tell you and as the adage goes. “Oh yeah?” You mutter to yourself. “It is easier said than done” you tell them. You know better, from experience, that lying to the people you love is a terrible thing that could hurt and get both of you into trouble. They probably have no idea.

You get wind of something dreadful happened to your treasure, one that is safely tucked away. A treasure you dearly love and have worked hard to protect. A treasure so valuable, you would do anything for. Your heart sinks and sharp pain cuts across it. You are weak. You feel betrayed. You have no idea how to react.

Photo courtesy of Second Life Market Place

You seek to find out the truth. You garner all the courage to ask the questions you are afraid of asking. Your heart is aching all this time. You get the answers you are seeking. You are reassured that all is well. Your soul is comforted. You instincts and guts tell you otherwise. You chose to ignore them, for love’s sake. You decide to believe in the reassurance for you have learned to trust and believe. You have hope and faith. You forgive, what hasn’t been admitted, nonetheless. Your forgiveness is therefore void. The terrible seed has however been planted in your mind and you try to weed it out by forgetting all about it. A daunting and treacherous task that spans countless painful days and sleepless nights. Eventually you accept that it was just a nightmare and the sunshine comes back to your life. Life is blissful. Life is beautiful.

One summer afternoon you talk a walk in the woods. It is a sunny and calm day. You can hear the trees having conversations with themselves. Beautiful day it is, you tell yourself. You tread along and come along a new path. One you have never explored. Something nudges you to take it and you trudge along, knowing very well that it could be a dangerous one. You know should not be on it. You forge ahead though. Your heart beat increases as you walk on. You do not know what lays ahead. You do not know what to expect. You are not looking for anything. It is just a normal stroll that takes you to an unfamiliar path. Then bam! Your heart skips a beat! You stumble upon it! You were not looking for it! It confirms your fears all along. That the reassurance you got was nothing but a lie. The pain in your heart is unbearable! You break down. All your hope and trust is crushed! Trampled upon in fact.

Summer Woods

You take careful and calculated steps on dealing with this. You have experienced this before. You are scared to ask questions because you have asked before. You think of the now. You think of the future. The now is amazing. You are loving every single bit of it. The future is promising, bright and beautiful. You decide not to stir up things and let it go. You choose happiness. You let the sunshine back in to your life. You forgive, and forget, again, because you promised……

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