Love Never Felt So Good

I was elated a few days ago when I heard that Stephen Fry got engaged to his boyfriend Elliot Spencer. For some reason, I do not know why I was that excited. I think it is because Stephen 57, is one of my favourite English personalities who I find very funny and witty. For example, when asked about his sexuality, he responded saying “I suppose it all began when I came out of the womb. I looked back up at my mother and thought to myself, ‘That’s the last time I’m going up one of those’ ” I do not know much about his husband-to-be Elliot Spencer, 27. A lot has been said about the age difference but I will not digress.

This post has been inspired the love stories happening in the last couple of weeks, including Stephen Fry’s. I get excited when I hear a gay couple going public with their relationship or getting married or engaged  Here are some of them;

Stephen Fry1
Stephen Fry and Elliot Spencer

Sam Smith and Jonathan Zeizel. The couple met in December and have already been on holiday together in Australia this Christmas. To be honest I love how they seem to be in sync with each other from the pics posted on their Instagram profiles, @samsmithworld and @kidjongo. Here are some I like.

Sam Smith3
Sam and Jongo
Sam and Jongo
Sam Smith1
Sam and Jongo

I must admit Jonathan aka Jongo is quite a looker. Check out a few things you did not know about Jongo here.

Sir Elton John and David Furnish. This is what I call a classic gay couple. We have known them for a while. With the introduction of same sex marriages in the United Kingdom last year, this couple decided to convert their civil marriage to a marriage with a small ceremony at their Windsor home.

Elton John2
Picture of David, Elton and their last born son Elijah taken by Zachary their first son.
Elton John 1
Sir Elton John (right) and David Furnish (left) signing the legal paper work.

Lance Bass and Michael Turchin. American pop star and actor Lance tied the knot in December too marrying his boyfriend Michael. This is one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen….or rather pics of. They look so smashing in their pics. Here are some.

Lance Bass1
Lance Bass2 Lance Bass and Michael Turchin
Lance Bass3
Lance Bass and Michael Turchin
Lance Bass4
Lance Bass and Michael Turchin

Check out Lance Bass on Instagram for more pics @lancebass

Seeing such happy couples in love, getting married or engaged and having so much fun reminds me of my relationship with the most amazing man I have ever met. Many times I find myself daydreaming about our future life; planning our wedding, doing our invitation list, the engagement party and the final day of the wedding. I dream of us picking our dream home together, moving in and unpacking, pushing each other into the swimming pool, playing around the lawn with our kids, hosting friends for cocktails and barbecue on a nice sunny afternoon……and many other things. I too would love to have such a happy life with the man I love.

Yes, I dream a lot. Because that is what I want with my boyfriend. A happy future, happily married and growing old together in love. Because I love him to death and because love is a beautiful thing and love never felt so good.

PS> I do not own copyright to any of the images or videos posted here.

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