Adios 2014

In a matter of minutes or hours the year will be over. A new chapter begins when the clock strikes 12 midnight, a year begins. I write this as I lay in bed, clueless as to how I will have my crossover. Dinner with friends or family, or night out dancing….I don’t know. Anyway, if … More Adios 2014


It’s been a few weeks since I have posted here. I am usually busy or going through something whenever I disappear for a while. Of late I have been in a dilemma in making certain personal decisions and whenever that happens, I lose focus of non-core or auxiliary tasks like blogging. Anyway, I have gone … More Relationships

Curve balls

I haven’t written here in a month! I must admit I have been suffering from writers block of late.  When I started this blog, the idea was to share little snippets of my life, anonymously of course, which I might turn into a little memoir, again an anonymous one. The biggest challenge of writing anonymously … More Curve balls

My biggest fear(s)

What are your biggest fears? We all have some form of fears. Heights, flying, water mass, snakes, spiders…etc. At least I don’t have much of these except for snakes. Snakes and I will never bond, not now, nor in the near future and not even when I am dead :). Anyway, the other day I … More My biggest fear(s)